Friday, August 13, 2010

Celebrate August 14

Today is August 14th and I can think of a few good excuses to Celebrate!

  • Ghost Month Begins (Taiwan)
  • Independence Day (Pakistan)
  • Senior Citizens Day
  • Koolaid Day (Second Saturday in August)
  • National Garage Sale Day (Second Saturday in August)
  • National Creamsicle Day
  • National Financial Awareness Day
  • Color Book Day 1457 
  • Alfred Hitchcock's Birthday
  • Felix the Cat's Birthday
  • Wiffle Ball Birthday 1953
  • Driving License Test Birthday 1893
Are you kidding me!  I'm loving these Celebrations!  Alfred Hitchcock's Birthday, Creamsicle Day, National Garage Sale Day, and Koolaid Day (I love koolaid!), and its Color Book Day!

I love Garage Sales!  The thrill of finding a hinden treasure, getting a good deal on a item you have been looking for, and or finding something you never knew you wanted but, just can't live without!  Garage sales are such a fun way to spend the early hours of your Saturday morning (because all garage sale people know, the early bird gets the worm)

As a kid I was known for how much I loved Koolaid!  I could drink the whole pitcher of the wonderfully sugared drink all by myself!  I made up my own way of making Koolaid (1 package of Koolaid, 2 cups of sugar, and 7 cups of Water)  this drink is a sugar lovers heaven!  Yes, I really did double the sugar and add less water!  My family and I would save up the points for the koolaid and turn them in for prizes (I earned enough points on time that I got a squeeze it radio, I know so cool!!)

Well, my love affair with Koolaid did not end as a child I have continued to make and drink this tasty treat for my children.  On really hot days or when I'm feeling a little creative we like to make Koolaid slushies!  Today I will share with you my family secret Koolaid Slushie Recipe!

Koolaid Slushies

You will Need
1 package of your favorite Koolaid
1 cup Water
1 cup Sugar
1 Blender
and enough ice to fill the blender

Place the water, sugar, and koolaid powder in the blender and blend ingredients until combined.  Turn off blender and fill completely full with ice.  Now blend until all the ice is crushed and your mixture has a slushie consistency! 

Pour in a glass put a colored straw in it and serve!  DELICIOUS!

Now that you have your Koolaid Slushie it is time to watch a Alfred Hitchcock movie in honor of his Birthday!

I have always been a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock!  Really I can't decide what my favorite Hitchcock movie is; Dial M for Murder, North by Northwest, Rear Window, Strangers on a Train, Vertigo, The Birds, and of course Psycho!

Tonight put on your pajama's, pop some popcorn, and pop in a classic Hitchcock!  Today you have the perfect excuse to watch some of the best movies ever made!

Have a incredible day Celebrating in your very own and unique way!

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