Friday, September 3, 2010

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Celebrate August 20

Today is August 20th and I know your itching for an excuse to celebrate!  Here are a few excuses for ya!

  • Summer Cool-Off Day (The day lemonade was invented in Paris 1630) 
  • National Radio Day
  • Dial Telephone Birthday 1896
  • Bad Hair Day (On the birthday on Don King)
  • Tucson Birthday 1775
  • Lover's Day (Taiwan)
  • Independence Day (Senegal)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Celebrate August 19

Today is August 19th and here is your list of excuses to Celebrate!

  • National Aviation Day
  • Bill Clinton's Birthday Born in 1946.
  • Snuffleupagus's Birthday (Sesame Street)
  • Indianapolis 500 Speedway Birthday 1909
  • Spicy Food Day
  • Old Ironsides Birthday 1812
  • Popsicle Trademark Day 1923 (Invented by an 11 year  old.)
  • Marmalade Birthday 1561
  • Orville Wright's Birthday Born in 1871 (National Aviation Day)
  • Potato Day

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celebrate August 18

It's time to Celebrate!  Why?  You might ask.  Because it's August 18th!  Here are some excuses for you to Celebrate today!

  • Jashn (Afghanistan)
  • Mail Order Catalog Printing Day 
  • Women's Voting Rights Day
  • Bad Poetry Day

Celebrate August 17

Why should we Celebrate August 17th?  Here are a few good excuses to Celebrate TODAY!

  • Airmail Balloon Day 1859
  • Wrench Birthday 1835
  • National Thriftshop Day
  • Davy Crockett's Birthday Born in 1786. 
  • Death of San Martin (Argentina)

Celebrate August 16

Today is August 16th and I can't wait to Celebrate today!  What will you Celebrate?

  • ll Palio, Seina (Italy)
  • Independence Day (Gabon, Indonesia)
  • Republic Day (Dominican Republic)
  • Chinese Valentine's Day
  • Roller Coaster Day - Patented (1898)
  • Elvis Presley Commemoration Day
  • Major League Baseball No-Hitter Birthday 1876
  • International Tell a Joke Day
  • Stay at Home with Your Kids Day (Third Monday in August)
  • National Golf Day
  • National Homeless Animals Day

Friday, August 13, 2010

Celebrate August 15

August 15th and I'm sure your looking for an excuse to make today special!  Well, here are some fun excuses to Celebrate!

  • Hello Day (1877, Thomas Edison wrote a letter to the president of the Telegraph Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, suggesting that when people answer the phone, they use the word "Hello" instead of the word "Ahoy" suggested by Alexander Graham Bell.)
  • Angle Food Cake Day
  • National Relaxation Day
  • Bob's Birthday (Sesame Street)
  • Wizard of Oz Day (Movie premier 1939)
  • National I Love Cowboys and Cowgirls Day
  • Miami Dolphins Birthday, 1965
  • Independence Day (India)
  • National Day (Liechtenstein)
  • Republic Day (South Korea)
Today is Sunday August 15th and I'm not gonna lie all these excuses sound so much fun to Celebrate but, I'm on vacation (literally) so I'm Celebrating National Relaxation Day!

But, what fun things you could do with your loved ones today!  Make an angel food cake (and if you don't have an angel food cake pan make angel food cupcakes.) 

You could talk to your kids about how back in the day they wanted us to say "Ahoy" intead of "Hello" I'm sure they will think that is crazy weird!

Oh yes, The Wizard of Oz such a classic movie.  Today might be a good day to turn on this movie and watch it together as a family (that could tie into National Relaxation Day)

No matter how you Celebrate today make it special and create those memories you will carry with you for a lifetime (even if your Celebrating Relaxation Day!)

Also today I cannot forget, it is my Sister In-Law's Birthday!  So I want wish her a special 14th Birthday and a fun celebration!

Celebrate August 14

Today is August 14th and I can think of a few good excuses to Celebrate!

  • Ghost Month Begins (Taiwan)
  • Independence Day (Pakistan)
  • Senior Citizens Day
  • Koolaid Day (Second Saturday in August)
  • National Garage Sale Day (Second Saturday in August)
  • National Creamsicle Day
  • National Financial Awareness Day
  • Color Book Day 1457 
  • Alfred Hitchcock's Birthday
  • Felix the Cat's Birthday
  • Wiffle Ball Birthday 1953
  • Driving License Test Birthday 1893
Are you kidding me!  I'm loving these Celebrations!  Alfred Hitchcock's Birthday, Creamsicle Day, National Garage Sale Day, and Koolaid Day (I love koolaid!), and its Color Book Day!

I love Garage Sales!  The thrill of finding a hinden treasure, getting a good deal on a item you have been looking for, and or finding something you never knew you wanted but, just can't live without!  Garage sales are such a fun way to spend the early hours of your Saturday morning (because all garage sale people know, the early bird gets the worm)

As a kid I was known for how much I loved Koolaid!  I could drink the whole pitcher of the wonderfully sugared drink all by myself!  I made up my own way of making Koolaid (1 package of Koolaid, 2 cups of sugar, and 7 cups of Water)  this drink is a sugar lovers heaven!  Yes, I really did double the sugar and add less water!  My family and I would save up the points for the koolaid and turn them in for prizes (I earned enough points on time that I got a squeeze it radio, I know so cool!!)

Well, my love affair with Koolaid did not end as a child I have continued to make and drink this tasty treat for my children.  On really hot days or when I'm feeling a little creative we like to make Koolaid slushies!  Today I will share with you my family secret Koolaid Slushie Recipe!

Koolaid Slushies

You will Need
1 package of your favorite Koolaid
1 cup Water
1 cup Sugar
1 Blender
and enough ice to fill the blender

Place the water, sugar, and koolaid powder in the blender and blend ingredients until combined.  Turn off blender and fill completely full with ice.  Now blend until all the ice is crushed and your mixture has a slushie consistency! 

Pour in a glass put a colored straw in it and serve!  DELICIOUS!

Now that you have your Koolaid Slushie it is time to watch a Alfred Hitchcock movie in honor of his Birthday!

I have always been a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock!  Really I can't decide what my favorite Hitchcock movie is; Dial M for Murder, North by Northwest, Rear Window, Strangers on a Train, Vertigo, The Birds, and of course Psycho!

Tonight put on your pajama's, pop some popcorn, and pop in a classic Hitchcock!  Today you have the perfect excuse to watch some of the best movies ever made!

Have a incredible day Celebrating in your very own and unique way!

Celebrate August 13

It's August 13th what can we Celebrate today?

  • Blame Someone Else Day
  • Annie Oakley's Birthday Born in 1860.
  • International Left Handers Day
  • Cowardly Lion Day (Birthday of Bert Lahr,cowardly lion in the "Wizard of Oz") 
  • Eyeglasses Birthday 1287 
  • Greyhound Bus Birthday 1914 
  • Roller Derby Birthday - 1935
  • Gals Night Out (Second Friday in August)
  • Taxicab Birthday - 1907
  • Trail Mix Day
  • Arequipa Week (Peru)
  • Independence Day (Central African Republic, Congo)
I'm doing something a little different today, as I have mentioned in previous posts I have been divorced and don't always have my older kiddos with me.  The next 10 days will be without my 3 older kids.  So I am going to gear my activities towards the older crowd. 

Okay so I'm loving the Excuses to Celebrate TODAY!  Roller Derby Day (we could watch Whip It, I haven't seen this yet), Eyeglasses Birthday (I would be lost without my glasses), Annie Oakley (Annie get your Gun, classic wonderful movie), Blame someone else day (hmmm, the things I could do), but, my favorite Gals Night Out!

Ladies, Tonight plan a Gals Night Out (or night in.)  Girl nights are so much fun!  Planning a girls night is simple (infact the simplier the better.)  Call your girlfriends, post it on facebook, make an announcement at a church or local function inviting girls out to your home or a local restruant or ice cream parlor.

I'm a huge fan of Girls Nigh Out (in.)  I really enjoy sitting in my living room, in comfy pajama's, eating popcorn, and homemade snacks, just talking with my girlfriends! 

A fun idea to combine Holiday's today would be to invite some of your girlfriends over.  Ask them each to bring a treat to share and watch either "Whip It" or "Annie Get your Gun" (whatever movie fits your personality or mood that day)

Have fun tonight Celebrating August 13th!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Celebrate August 12

It is August 12th and here are your excuses to Celebrate today
  • International Youth Day
  • Truck Driver Day
  • Thumper's Birthday (Disney animated Classic)
  • Queen's Day (Thailand)
  • Armed Forces Day (Zimbabwe)
Today we will be celebrating Truck Driver Day!

My 3 boys LOVE trucks and I can't think of a better day then today to play cars and trucks all day long!  Break out the Hot Wheels, Tonka, and Trucks (toys) you have laying around the house and play cars all day long!

Another fun thing you can add to your day is watching the movie "Cars"  this would be a perfect way to spend some quiet time or maybe wined things down at the end of a long day!

Have Fun today!  Make your own memories and create your own excuse to celebrate August 12th!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Celebrate August 11

It is August 11th, anyone need an excuse to Celebrate?  Well, you came to the right place!!

  • Mall of America Birthday 1992
  • Annual Medical Check-Up Day
  • Play in the Sand Day 
  • Dog days end
  • Presidential Joke Day
  • Roller Rink Birthday 1866
  • Heroes Day (Zimbabwe)
  • Independence Day (Chad)
Annual Medical Check-Up Day (wow that sounds fun, maybe next year we can Celebrate that one), Play in the Sand Day (now that sounds fun!), Heroes Day in Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe commemorated National Hero's Day at the shrine Heroes Acre led by country President Robert Mugabe) this was interesting to learn about, Roller Rink Birthday in 1866 (Now that is my kind of PARTY!)

Today the Roller Rink is turning 144 years old!  How amazingly awesome is this?  I used to think roller skating/roller blading was so cool!  I really enjoyed going to the local skating rink and maybe holding a boys hand around the rink a few times during the boys choice or snowball!  Oh, the memories!

Well, along with those memories another one pops out in my mind.  Today I'm going to recreate something from my childhood!  When I was little my parents would pull their cars out of the garage and my sisters and I would create our own Roller Rink in our garage!  This was so much fun!  During the summer you we would leave the garage door open and in the winter we would leave it closed so we would stay warm!  We did everything lights (my sister had a rotating colored light, music (radio), and sometimes decorations!

Today I'm creating a roller rink in my garage for my kiddos to play in!  It is still hot outside so to keep it staying nice in cool I would suggest opening the garage and even turning on a standing fan to keep the air moving.  Bring out your radio, even break out a string of Christmas lights.  The more unique, crazy, and creative you are the more you will enjoy this activity!  Something fun is allowing your kids to dress up for the event!  Have a disco theme or 80's flash back!

Happy 144th Birthday Roller Rink!  Thanks for all the memories and all the memories to come!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Celebrate August 10

Today is August 10th, 2010 and I'm ready to CELEBRATE!  This is why I will be celebrating today

  • Independence Day (Ecuador)
  • Aspirin's Birthday 1893
  • S'mores Day
  • Lazy day
  • National Ragweed Day
  • Spoil Your Dog Day
  • Candid Camera Day 1948

Today I know it sounds crazy but, I am totally taking advantage of National Lazy Day and I am kicking up my feet, taking a nice big deep breath and then I'm going to do absolutely NOTHING!  I might watch a few classic episodes of Candid Camera on youtube with the kids.  Later if we feel like it we will make Smores.  But, overall we will just relax and be completely lazy!  Why not by Lazy?  We all have the perfect excuse, it's National Lazy Day!

Have fun today spoiling your doggies, and taking that Clariton (in honor of Nation Ragweed Day), or celebrate a family member who's life has been saved by a aspirin regimen (Aspirin's Birthday).  But, no matter what you do take it easy, don't stress out, and just be lazy!!

(Today is also another personal Celebration for me!  It's my youngest sister's birthday!  Happy Birthday!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Celebrate August 9

It's August 9th and it is time to PARTY!  Here are some excuses to Celebrate today at  your house

  • Betty Boop's Birthday (1930)
  • Smokey the Bears Birthday, 1944
  • Book lovers Day
  • International Art Appreciation Day
  • National Hand holding Day
  • Dance A Polka Day
  • Celebrate Your Lakes Day
  • National Rice Pudding Day
  • Middle Children's Day
  • National Day (Singapore)
Today is going to be an exciting day filled with Celebration!  Smokey the Bear is turning 66 years old today!  Book Lovers Day (I just love a good book), National Hand Holding Day (for some reason this makes me think of a lot of hand sanitizer), Dance a Polka Day (doesn't get any better then this), Middle Children's Day (this is for all the middle kids who say they never got any attention.  Now you are not allowed to say that, because you have a Holiday in honor of you), and yummy National Rice Pudding Day!

In honor of Smokey the Bear's Birthday I would encourage all of you to go to and make the pledge to prevent forest fires!  This website has lots of fun coloring pages and interactive games to teach you and your children about how to stay safe and how to prevent forest fires!

It's not like I'm anti holding hands but, really all I can think about when it comes to National Hand Holding Day is Hand Sanitizer!  So in Celebration of Hand Holding Day I have purchased numerous containers of Hand Sanitizer!

Rice Pudding!  There is just something so soothing and delicious about a bowl of homemade rice pudding!  I wasn't a huge fan growing up but, throughout the years I have come to love this simple dessert!

Rice Pudding

What you will Need:
  • 1 cup cooked rice
  • 2 1/2 cups milk
  • 3 large eggs, lightly beaten
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 3/4 cup raisins
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Lightly grease a 9-inch glass baking dish

In a large bowl, stir together first 7 ingredients. Spoon into prepared baking dish. Place baking dish in a large pan; pour water into the pan to a depth of 1-inch. Bake for 1 1/2 hours, or until lightly browned and set. Combine cinnamon and nutmeg; sift over top of pudding. Cool slightly and cut into squares to serve.

Now Eat!!

This is my all time favorite book.  This will be the book I'm reading today!
At our home to celebrate Book Lover's Day we are having a read-a-thon.  For one hour we all sit with our favorite book, pillow, and blanket.  Together we all relax and read!  I can't think of a better way to celebrate Book Lover's Day then to share my love of reading with my children!  

Enjoy your own personal celebrations!  Maybe today you have chosen to Dance the polka or go to an art museum.  Whatever you do today, make it special and always look for an excuse to celebrate!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Celebrate August 8

Its Sunday August 8th a day full of Excuses to Celebrate!
  • Sneak some Zucchini onto your neighbor's porch night.
  • Dollar Day- the US dollar was created
  • Baseball Fans Day
  • Peace Day (Iraq)
  • Daughter's Day 
  • Admit You're Happy Day
  • Swim Day
  • August 8- Dr. Sam Becket's Birthday (Dr. Sam Becket, the main character in the "Quantum Leap" TV show, was born on August 8, 1953)
Today we will be Celebrating sneak some Zucchini onto your neighbor's porch night.  I know this seems out of control that this is a real Holiday but, it is!  I found it in a few different forms Zucchini Day, Zucchini Bread Day, Fried Zucchini Day.  There were many different versions of this Holiday throughout the world but, they all fell on August 8th!

This evening my kids and I will be sneaking some Zucchini (with a recipe for Zucchini taco's) onto my neighbors porches.  The kids love doing things like this (they feel so sneaky) it is also such a fabulous way to teach kids about service and how it is fun to do "secret" service!

These are a picture of my kid friendly vegetarian Zucchini Taco's   

I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday!  I really know you will enjoy celebrating August 8th!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Celebrate August 7

It's August 7th and I'm feeling a Celebration coming on!  Here are a list of excuses to Celebrate TODAY!

  • Beach Party Day
  • National Lighthouse Day
  • Purple Heart Birthday 1782
  • Sea Serpent Day
  • National Tax Payer appreciation day (America's Zoo's honor the tax payers that keep the Zoo's running)
  • National Mustard Day
  • Battle of Boyaca (Colombia)
  • Republic Day (Ivory Coast)
I'm really excited!  Today at my home our Celebrations are going to revolve around one of my favorite Children's Books "The Sea Serpent and Me" by Dashka Slater

In this book a little Sea Serpent falls through a sink faucet and into the hands of a little girl!  There friendship grows and develops throughout the book!  During the book the little girl throws a Beach Party!  How perfect, it's Sea Serpent and Beach Party Day!

To start out our day, we decorated for our living room like a beach!  We broke out all the beach towels and draped them across the couch and kitchen table.  Everyone put on their swimming suits, sunglasses and we turned on the Beach Boys.  After the kids danced and ran around, I turned off the music and we all sat down on a beach towel and read "The Sea Serpent and Me"  

At the end of our story we went into the Kitchen and made our Sea Serpent snacks.  I'm warning you now, you probably are going to think this is gross.  But, kids love it!  If your kids like pickles they will love this creative snack!

Sea Serpent Pickles

You will need:
  • One Large Pickle
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard (oh ya it's National Mustard Day, perfect)
  • knife
Take your large pickle and cut it lengthwise in half until you reach the middle point of the pickle (creating a mouth, see picture below)

Then open up your pickle and with your Ketchup create a tongue

Then with your mustard create eyes and any fun design you would like to adorn the back of your sea serpent.

Last but, not least..... Eat it all up!

Now we will spend the rest of the day playing outside pretending we live at the beach!  I'm sure my boys will try to attack my daughter claiming they are sea serpents and it's all good because today is National Sea Serpent Day and Beach Party Day!  Happy Celebrating!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Celebrate August 6

Today is August 6th and I have a few excuses to Celebrate.  Do you need an excuse?  Well, you came to the right place!!

  • Odie's Birthday (Garfield's Pal)
  • National Fresh Breath Day
  • Lucille Ball's Birthday (1911)
  • Wiggle Your Toes Day
  • National Gossip Day
  • Vitaphone Birthday 1926
  • Half way point of the Summer (12:08 PM EDT)
  • Accession Day (United Arab Emirates)
  • Hiroshima Day
  • Farmer's Day (Zambia)
Fresh Breath Day, what a wonderful Celebration!  Break out the wintergreen gum, scope, and Binaca.  Today you don't have to feel bad about giving your co-workers that piece of gum they desperately need because you have the perfect excuse.  It's National Fresh Breath Day and you can pass out gum to everyone and no one can be offended!

It's Lucille Ball and Odie's Birthdays today!  I love Lucille Ball!  I really think she was beautiful!  My kids are not so into watching the Lucille Ball show but, we all love watching the original "Yours, Mine, and Ours" so for Friday Night Movie night.  That will be the special feature at our home!  Its a fun movie!  I really love this classic movie!  

It is also the day the Vitaphone came out!  To be perfectly honest I had no idea what a vitaphone was or is.  I did some research and here you go. The Vitaphone was a sound film process used on features and nearly 2,000 short subjects produced by Warner Bros. and its sister studio First National from 1926 to 1930. Vitaphone was the last, but most successful, of the sound-on-disc processes. The soundtrack was not printed on the actual film, but was issued separately on 16-inch phonograph records. The discs would be played while the film was being projected. Many early talkies, such as The Jazz Singer (1927), used the Vitaphone process. (The name "Vitaphone" derives from the Latin and Greek words, respectively, for "living" and "sound.")

So for a super fun activity today the kids and I did something (you may think is really weird) but, is so much fun!  We went and turned on one of the kids favorite TV shows (Well, actually it was my daughters we turned on Full House. I know what you are thinking why does my daughter like Full House?  But, my son likes He-Man and Thunder Cats.  I just really like those 80's/90's shows I guess)

Okay I'm back from the tangent.  So we turned on this sitcom and we muted the television and made our own dialog.  I know this is exactly what a vitaphone is or was but, the whole idea of the sound and the movie being separate is what I was going for!

This activity was so much fun and so funny!

Today is also the day that marks the half way point of summer!  Isn't that crazy Summer is half way over!  To celebrate Summer's Midway point.  We are having a Summer BBQ!  We love a good excuse to BBQ and I can't think of a better one!

Happy August 6th!  Hope your day is filled with Excuses to Celebrate!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebrate August 5

Today is the 5th of August, and a fun day it is!  Today is filled with so many Birthday's and so many excuses to celebrate!

  • Green Peppers Day
  • Little Orphan Annie's Birthday 1924 
  • National Failures Day
  • Pink Floyd's Birthday 1967
  • Take a Walk on the Moon Day - Neil Armstrong's Birthday
  • Traffic Lights Birthday 1914 
  • Ice Cream Sundae Thursday
  • Goodbye, Norma Jean Day 1962 Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jean Mortenson)
  • Major League Radio Birthday 1921
  • Workers Day (Iceland)
In honor of Pink Floyd's Birthday my little man is wearing his Pink Floyd shirt (another target clearance) so cute and so much fun!
Picture by Kelli West
It's the Traffic Lights Birthday, 96 years old today!  To Celebrate the birth of the Traffic Light we will be playing a rousing game of Red Light-Green Light!  This is such a fun game to play inside or out!  We are experiencing a great deal of thunder and lightning storms in our area, so today our celebrations will all be inside!

It is Little Orphan Annie's Birthday today (1924) because it is a stormy day this activity is perfect!  We went to the Local Library and rented Annie.  This afternoon we will all snuggle up on the couch and watch this Classic Musical.  My daughter is so excited for this, activity!  We will pop some pop corn and watch this together as a family.  So often when I put in a movie for the kids, I sneak away and do some of my mommy chores.  But, today I will relax sit back and enjoy watching this fun movie with my kiddos!  Happy Birthday Annie!

Green Peppers!  Yummy!!! My kids and I LOVE Green Peppers!  So for dinner I think it is a perfect day for stuffed Peppers!  Happy Green Pepper Day!

Here is my Stuffed Pepper Recipe (it is different from the norm so check it out)

You will Need:
  • 3 Tablespoons cooking oil
  • 1 cup chopped celery
  • 1 green bell pepper chopped
  • 1 onion chopped
  • 1/2 pound breakfast sausage
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 8oz cream cheese
  • 1/3 cup chopped parsley leaves
  • 1 Tablespoon Hot Sauce
  • 1/4 cup bread crumbs
  • 12 Green Bell Peppers tops and seeds removed
In a saute pan over medium-high heat add the oil. Once heated add the celery, bell peppers and onion and saute for about 8 minutes. Add sausage and garlic and brown. Add cream cheese and stir until melted. Take off heat and stir in parsley, hot sauce and bread crumbs. Let cool.
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
Stuff peppers with vegetable and cheese mixture and bake for 15 minutes or grill until char develops.

No matter what you celebrate today make it special!  Create a memory with those you love!  

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Celebrate August 4

Its August 4th and I'm ready to Celebrate, anyone care to join me?  Here are some excuses to Celebrate today!

  • National Backgammon Day
  • Coast Guard Day established in 1790
  • National Chocolate Chip Day
  • Hooray for Kids Day!
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Birthday 1952
  • Independence Day (Jamaica and Brikina Faso)
I love these fun yet simple Celebrations we have been having lately! Hooray for Kids Day, National Chocolate Chip Day (so yummy), KFC's Birthday (my first job ever was at KFC), National Backgammon Day (I don't know anything about Backgammon, I can't think of a better day to learn.)

Today because it is Hooray for Kids Day and National Chocolate Chip Day.  I decided to honor them both by waking up early and making my kids Chocolate Chip Pancakes for Breakfast.  The kids love Chocolate Chip Pancakes and they were so happy to see them hot and ready as they came down for breakfast. I yelled Hooray for Kids!, as they walked down the stairs (yes they did give me weird looks and one of them started laughing at me)

Even Royalty played Backgammon
So I broke out a backgammon set I had in the closet (that was collecting dust) I had never opened it.  I did a little research online about backgammon and to tell you the truth, it spiked my curiosity.  This game can be traced back to 3000 BC (crazy) So if a board game can stick around for that many years it must be good, right?

My oldest son and I have been playing Backgammon all morning and he is so much better then I am!  This game is really fun and easy to pick up on.  My oldest loves chess and checkers so this game came very easy to him!  This is a great game for kids (about 5 and up in my opinion)

I would encourage you to try Backgammon if you haven't already!  If you have played it before play it in honor of National Backgammon Day!

KFC is turning 58 years old today!  It's funny all I can think about right now is "So I Married An Axe Murderer" if you have seen this movie you know why I'm thinking about it along with KFC.  The chicken at KFC truly has some addictive chemical in it!

To celebrate KFC's birthday their are a few things you can do!  I'm really cheap, and Kentucky Fried Chicken can be a pricey meal for me and my family (sorry Colonal Sanders) so something I do to cut, costs but, still get the great taste of KFC is.  I do not buy the complete meals, I just get the chicken and I prepare my own sides.  This really does lower the cost of the meal and it still seems super special!  I'm a HUGE fan of the biscuits so sometimes I splurge and get those in addition to the chicken!

So tonight we will be having KFC with biscuits, homemade mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob! Yummy!

There are lots of fun coloring pages of the Colonal online if your kids enjoy coloring.  I feel a little bit like I'm brainwashing my children to like KFC when they are coloring pictures of the Colonal but, I guess only time will tell with that one!

Something fun today we did also was on our world map the kids located Birkina Faso and Jamaica.  It was fun to show them where these countries are and how today they are celebrating their Independence!

Happy August 4th Everyone Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Celebrate August 3

August 3rd,  a day full of so many excuses to Celebrate.  Here are my list of excuses....

  • Airplane Crop Duster Day
  • American Canoe Association Birthday 1880
  • National Watermelon Day
  • Air Traffic Controllers Day
  • National Baseball Association Formed 1949 
  • Prairie Dawn's Birthday (Sesame Street)
  • National Park Day
  • International Forgiveness Day
  • National Waffle Day
  • National Night Out (7pm-10pm, First Tuesday in August)
  • Independence Day (Niger)
  • Martyrs Day (Guinea)
Another fun filled day of celebrations!  National Watermelon Day (oh so delicious), National Waffle Day (My kids favorite breakfast), Its Prairie Dawn's Birthday, and National Park Day (We are very lucky and live close to a few National Parks.

Today at my house we will be doing something simple yet special and very memorable.  

Today the kids and I are going to walk to the grocery store and pick out a watermelon.  This may seem weird but, teaching kids how to pick out a ripe watermelon can be a lot of fun!  Watching them place their ears and tap lightly on the watermelon.  Then seeing how excited they get when they feel like they have finally picked the ripest watermelon.  I was lucky enough to have a stellar produce manager stop by while my kids were tapping on the watermelons and he actually grabbed the watermelon my oldest son picked out and said "lets see if you chose a good one" and cut a triangle out of it and handed it over to my son.  He took a big bite and his face lite up.  It was the perfect watermelon!  This was such a simple activity but, one that created so many memories for my little family.

Next, Its National Park Day and there is nothing I love more (other than my family) than the Mountains!  I have been lucky enough to have been raised in the backyard of some amazing Mountains!  I have often biked, run, and hiked throughout our National Parks.  I would encourage you today to make a trip to your closest National Park.  If you don't live near one, use the internet and look up pictures and information about some of the Nations majestic National Parks!  (My kids love looking at pictures of the Redwoods)

National Waffle Day!  How fun is this, we love waffles!  Especially Buttermilk Waffles!  Today we will be having Waffles for dinner in honor of National Waffle Day!  Here is my favorite Waffle Recipe!  These are the waffles I grew up on.  I have tried different recipes but, I always come back to these!  You can't perfect, perfection and thats what these waffles are.

Mom's Waffles 
2 C. Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Soda
2 Eggs
2 C. Buttermilk
4 Tbl Oil

Combine all ingredients and mix until batter is thick and lumpy.  Place in Hot Waffle Iron and bake until golden brown! 

Celebrating is so much fun!  Keep it simple and don't stress out!  Its the simple things that in the end mean the most!