Thursday, August 12, 2010

Celebrate August 12

It is August 12th and here are your excuses to Celebrate today
  • International Youth Day
  • Truck Driver Day
  • Thumper's Birthday (Disney animated Classic)
  • Queen's Day (Thailand)
  • Armed Forces Day (Zimbabwe)
Today we will be celebrating Truck Driver Day!

My 3 boys LOVE trucks and I can't think of a better day then today to play cars and trucks all day long!  Break out the Hot Wheels, Tonka, and Trucks (toys) you have laying around the house and play cars all day long!

Another fun thing you can add to your day is watching the movie "Cars"  this would be a perfect way to spend some quiet time or maybe wined things down at the end of a long day!

Have Fun today!  Make your own memories and create your own excuse to celebrate August 12th!!

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