Friday, August 13, 2010

Celebrate August 15

August 15th and I'm sure your looking for an excuse to make today special!  Well, here are some fun excuses to Celebrate!

  • Hello Day (1877, Thomas Edison wrote a letter to the president of the Telegraph Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, suggesting that when people answer the phone, they use the word "Hello" instead of the word "Ahoy" suggested by Alexander Graham Bell.)
  • Angle Food Cake Day
  • National Relaxation Day
  • Bob's Birthday (Sesame Street)
  • Wizard of Oz Day (Movie premier 1939)
  • National I Love Cowboys and Cowgirls Day
  • Miami Dolphins Birthday, 1965
  • Independence Day (India)
  • National Day (Liechtenstein)
  • Republic Day (South Korea)
Today is Sunday August 15th and I'm not gonna lie all these excuses sound so much fun to Celebrate but, I'm on vacation (literally) so I'm Celebrating National Relaxation Day!

But, what fun things you could do with your loved ones today!  Make an angel food cake (and if you don't have an angel food cake pan make angel food cupcakes.) 

You could talk to your kids about how back in the day they wanted us to say "Ahoy" intead of "Hello" I'm sure they will think that is crazy weird!

Oh yes, The Wizard of Oz such a classic movie.  Today might be a good day to turn on this movie and watch it together as a family (that could tie into National Relaxation Day)

No matter how you Celebrate today make it special and create those memories you will carry with you for a lifetime (even if your Celebrating Relaxation Day!)

Also today I cannot forget, it is my Sister In-Law's Birthday!  So I want wish her a special 14th Birthday and a fun celebration!

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