Friday, August 13, 2010

Celebrate August 13

It's August 13th what can we Celebrate today?

  • Blame Someone Else Day
  • Annie Oakley's Birthday Born in 1860.
  • International Left Handers Day
  • Cowardly Lion Day (Birthday of Bert Lahr,cowardly lion in the "Wizard of Oz") 
  • Eyeglasses Birthday 1287 
  • Greyhound Bus Birthday 1914 
  • Roller Derby Birthday - 1935
  • Gals Night Out (Second Friday in August)
  • Taxicab Birthday - 1907
  • Trail Mix Day
  • Arequipa Week (Peru)
  • Independence Day (Central African Republic, Congo)
I'm doing something a little different today, as I have mentioned in previous posts I have been divorced and don't always have my older kiddos with me.  The next 10 days will be without my 3 older kids.  So I am going to gear my activities towards the older crowd. 

Okay so I'm loving the Excuses to Celebrate TODAY!  Roller Derby Day (we could watch Whip It, I haven't seen this yet), Eyeglasses Birthday (I would be lost without my glasses), Annie Oakley (Annie get your Gun, classic wonderful movie), Blame someone else day (hmmm, the things I could do), but, my favorite Gals Night Out!

Ladies, Tonight plan a Gals Night Out (or night in.)  Girl nights are so much fun!  Planning a girls night is simple (infact the simplier the better.)  Call your girlfriends, post it on facebook, make an announcement at a church or local function inviting girls out to your home or a local restruant or ice cream parlor.

I'm a huge fan of Girls Nigh Out (in.)  I really enjoy sitting in my living room, in comfy pajama's, eating popcorn, and homemade snacks, just talking with my girlfriends! 

A fun idea to combine Holiday's today would be to invite some of your girlfriends over.  Ask them each to bring a treat to share and watch either "Whip It" or "Annie Get your Gun" (whatever movie fits your personality or mood that day)

Have fun tonight Celebrating August 13th!

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  1. Yeaaaaaaaaa!!!A day just for me and my left hand! I knew that I was special ;) Some day let's have a girls night out (in) and eat popcorn with our left hands; ya think????