Saturday, August 7, 2010

Celebrate August 7

It's August 7th and I'm feeling a Celebration coming on!  Here are a list of excuses to Celebrate TODAY!

  • Beach Party Day
  • National Lighthouse Day
  • Purple Heart Birthday 1782
  • Sea Serpent Day
  • National Tax Payer appreciation day (America's Zoo's honor the tax payers that keep the Zoo's running)
  • National Mustard Day
  • Battle of Boyaca (Colombia)
  • Republic Day (Ivory Coast)
I'm really excited!  Today at my home our Celebrations are going to revolve around one of my favorite Children's Books "The Sea Serpent and Me" by Dashka Slater

In this book a little Sea Serpent falls through a sink faucet and into the hands of a little girl!  There friendship grows and develops throughout the book!  During the book the little girl throws a Beach Party!  How perfect, it's Sea Serpent and Beach Party Day!

To start out our day, we decorated for our living room like a beach!  We broke out all the beach towels and draped them across the couch and kitchen table.  Everyone put on their swimming suits, sunglasses and we turned on the Beach Boys.  After the kids danced and ran around, I turned off the music and we all sat down on a beach towel and read "The Sea Serpent and Me"  

At the end of our story we went into the Kitchen and made our Sea Serpent snacks.  I'm warning you now, you probably are going to think this is gross.  But, kids love it!  If your kids like pickles they will love this creative snack!

Sea Serpent Pickles

You will need:
  • One Large Pickle
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard (oh ya it's National Mustard Day, perfect)
  • knife
Take your large pickle and cut it lengthwise in half until you reach the middle point of the pickle (creating a mouth, see picture below)

Then open up your pickle and with your Ketchup create a tongue

Then with your mustard create eyes and any fun design you would like to adorn the back of your sea serpent.

Last but, not least..... Eat it all up!

Now we will spend the rest of the day playing outside pretending we live at the beach!  I'm sure my boys will try to attack my daughter claiming they are sea serpents and it's all good because today is National Sea Serpent Day and Beach Party Day!  Happy Celebrating!

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  1. I love all your creative ideas. My daughter isn't big enough to do this stuff yet, but when she is...I'm all about it! Thanks for taking time each day to plan events to keep kids excited about learning.