Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Celebrate August 11

It is August 11th, anyone need an excuse to Celebrate?  Well, you came to the right place!!

  • Mall of America Birthday 1992
  • Annual Medical Check-Up Day
  • Play in the Sand Day 
  • Dog days end
  • Presidential Joke Day
  • Roller Rink Birthday 1866
  • Heroes Day (Zimbabwe)
  • Independence Day (Chad)
Annual Medical Check-Up Day (wow that sounds fun, maybe next year we can Celebrate that one), Play in the Sand Day (now that sounds fun!), Heroes Day in Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe commemorated National Hero's Day at the shrine Heroes Acre led by country President Robert Mugabe) this was interesting to learn about, Roller Rink Birthday in 1866 (Now that is my kind of PARTY!)

Today the Roller Rink is turning 144 years old!  How amazingly awesome is this?  I used to think roller skating/roller blading was so cool!  I really enjoyed going to the local skating rink and maybe holding a boys hand around the rink a few times during the boys choice or snowball!  Oh, the memories!

Well, along with those memories another one pops out in my mind.  Today I'm going to recreate something from my childhood!  When I was little my parents would pull their cars out of the garage and my sisters and I would create our own Roller Rink in our garage!  This was so much fun!  During the summer you we would leave the garage door open and in the winter we would leave it closed so we would stay warm!  We did everything lights (my sister had a rotating colored light, music (radio), and sometimes decorations!

Today I'm creating a roller rink in my garage for my kiddos to play in!  It is still hot outside so to keep it staying nice in cool I would suggest opening the garage and even turning on a standing fan to keep the air moving.  Bring out your radio, even break out a string of Christmas lights.  The more unique, crazy, and creative you are the more you will enjoy this activity!  Something fun is allowing your kids to dress up for the event!  Have a disco theme or 80's flash back!

Happy 144th Birthday Roller Rink!  Thanks for all the memories and all the memories to come!!

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  1. You're the best. Thanks for stirring up all the fun memories that I have of the roller rink. I had forgotten how much a part of growing up roller skating really is. I need to find my skate key.... ;)