Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Celebrate July 21

What to Celebrate on July 21st?  Here are a few fun ideas..............

  • National Junk Food Day
  • Belgium National Day
  • Ride to Work Day (On the third Wednesday in July, ride your motorcycle to work.)
  • National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day
  • National Creme Brulee Day
  • Make a Scarecrow Day
  • Canadian Railroad Birthday 1836
  • Jesse James first Train Robbery Day 1873
  • National Women's Hall of Fame Anniversary 1979
  • Coldest Day Ever Recorded (The lowest natural temperature (-128.6 degrees Fahrenheit) was recorded at Vostoke, Antarctica in 1983.)
Another Day filled with so many Excuses to Celebrate!  Jesse James First Train Robbery (I don't want to encourage my kids to become felons but,  Old West Celebrations so much fun!) Junk Food Day (I don't need to explain why this would be fun), Belgium National Day (fun with"French" Fries and Chocolate its almost like celebrating Junk Food Day.)  Tug of War Tournament Day (Yes, this is real and its crazy intense to watch!) Creme Brulee Day (so yummy and so much fun to make!)

Today my pic is Jesse James Train Robbery 1873. 

To start things out right we will be making noodle ponies.  I love making Noodle Ponies they are so much fun to make and so cheap!

Here is the "How To" on the Noodle Ponies
You will Need
  • One Water Noodle (dollar store, Walmart, and Target)
  • Faux Hair (sold at local craft store, Walmart, and Target)
  • Large Google Eyes
  • Rope
  • Hot Glue Gun with Glue
Take your noodle and bend the top of it curving it around to make the head.  Take your rope and wrap it around the noodle and secure it in place so the curved head stays intact.

Glue faux hair onto ponies head.  My daughter likes it if I glue a flower or bow in the ponies hair for her to make it more feminine.  

On each side of the ponies head hot glue one google eye.

You must work quickly with the hot glue and avoid using to much because it can melt your water noodle!  These Noodle Ponies are so much fun and can be used for so many different celebrations!

After making our Ponies we created our very own Western Town made out of cardboard boxes!  We have a jail, bank, and store house.  I have given each of the kids bandannas and they have turned themselves into full fledged Western Bandits.  With some help from the Monopoly Money and a few squirt guns we were set for a fun day of playing Jesse James and the James Younger Gang!

This has been such a fun day of Celebrating!  We are ending our day by singing songs and roasting marshmallow's around our fire pit in the backyard.  For those of you who don't have a fire pit make your own out of a (red)wagon, some tin foil, and briquettes.  We love dressing up and Celebrating the Old West! 

This was such a fun Celebration and I can't wait till next year when we will chose to Celebrate something different on July 21st.  

Have fun and Celebrate TODAY!

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    1. I am all over the junk food celebration (it always gets a bad rap. It's time to celebrate it)! I'm going to top it off with some creme burlee and see if I am in the Women's Hall of fame ;). Thank you for the smiles you share.