Monday, July 26, 2010

Celebrate July 27

It is July 27th and here are a few excuses to Celebrate TODAY;

  • 1940 Bugs Bunny makes his debut in "A Wild Hare" Warner Brothers
  • National Take your Houseplants on a Walk Day
Today I have a personal Celebration, that we will be celebrating at my home (Its my Mother In-Law's Birthday.) But, along with Celebrating the birth of my Mother In-law/Grandma, we will be celebrating The Debut of Bugs Bunny!
Above (or under the picture of Bugs Bunny) I have posted a link to youtube so you and your loved ones can sit back and watch the 1940's Wild Hare!  This was so much fun to watch!  The kids were laughing so hard!  I had forgotten how classic and funny these old cartoons were!!

To continue our Bugs Bunny celebration.  The kids and I are making a Rabbit themed dinner.  We will be enjoying a delicious salad bar with lots of carrots!  As a craft the kids and I have made these fun "carrot" utensil holders.  This simple craft was so easy and really made the day feel like a celebration.

Carrot Utensil Holder


  • Orange Paper Napkin (dinner size)
  • Green Plastic Utensils
  • Green Pipe Cleaners 

First: For each carrot, fold one of the paper napkins into a rectangle. Place a set of utensils across the lower left corner of the rectangle, fold in the lower right corner as shown, then roll it up loosely

Next: Wrap one or two green pipe cleaners around the napkin and necks of the utensils, then twist them to secure

Last:Trim the pipe cleaners a bit, if desired, so they look like leafy carrot tops.

Have fun Making TODAY a special and unique celebration for your family!!  


  1. Thanks for the link, The kids and I had fun watching that! Good old Bugs Bunny!

  2. I can't believe all your cute ideas! How do you do it?

    I'm throwing my 3 year old a garden themed birthday party and am totally going to make these cute carrot holders! Thanks for the idea!