Monday, July 26, 2010

Celebrate July 26

The Excuses I have to Celebrate July 26th are.........

  • National Coffee Milkshake Day
  • Bert's Birthday (Sesame Street)
  • New York becomes a State (1788)
  • All or Nothing Day
  • Aunt and Uncle Day
  • The U.S. Postal Service began on this day in 1775.
  • The Hustle Hits #1 (1975)
  • Leberia Independence Day
Here's what I have chosen to Celebrate today with my friends and family;

First off, it's Bert's Birthday (I still have some leftover cake from yesterday so at lunch today we will all be singing Happy Birthday to Bert!)

A few pics of this cute little boy being spoiled by his a few of his Aunts and Uncles

To Celebrate Aunt and Uncle Day and to honor the US Postal Service.  The kids will be writing letters to each of their Aunts and Uncles and sending them in the mail. I know this sounds crazy but, the kids have 12 Aunts and 12 Uncles so this is a BIG project!  

Aunt and Uncle Day is a special day to us!  I truly believe in the power of extended family and what a great day to show our love and appreciation! What a great Excuse to Celebrate! 

Mailing letters is becoming more and more a lost tradition.  I know how much I enjoy receiving a letter in the mail!  There is nothing better then a handwritten letter from someone you love and care about!  I hope to instill this old fashioned tradition in my children.  Email, IM, and Texting are all amazing and they have improved our way of life in so many ways.  But, every once in awhile its nice to slow things down, take a time out and write a letter to someone you love.

Happy Celebrating!

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