Sunday, August 1, 2010

Celebrate August 1

Today is the First day of August 2010 and their are so many excuses to CELEBRATE!!

  • Respect for Parent's Day
  • American Family Day (First Sunday in August)
  • National Raspberry Cream Pie Day
  • Rounds Resounding Day (learn to sing a round)
  • Sports Day
  • National Sister's Day 
  • Chopsticks Song Birthday in 1877
  • Holiday Inn Birthday first opened in 1952
  • Homemade Pie Day
  • Woman Astronomers Day
  • MTV's Birthday 1981
  • Play Ball Day 
  • San Francisco Cable Car Day 1873
  • Spider Man's Birthday (Spiderman first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15)
  • Confederation Day (Switzerland)
  • Emancipation Day (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Peoples Liberation Army Day (China)
Wow!  I couldn't believe how many excuses their are to Celebrate August 1st!  Today, is Sunday August 1st and in our home we do our best to keep Sunday's Special.  I know my kids want to Celebrate Spiderman's Birthday (and I don't blame them), Sports Day would be so much fun, and Rounds Resounding Day (yeah, I can imagine hearing row row row your boat all day.)  But, because it is Sunday and it is a day for Family in our home.  We will be celebrating American Family Day and Sister Day. 

(Spider Man's Birthday August 1st, 2011 is going to rock your socks off.  I have a whole year to prepare!)

Did you notice this issue was only 12 cents!

It's American Family Day!  Hanging out with family (I can't think of a better way to celebrate.)  Every family is unique and different so do what is best for you!

My personal Family Dynamic is very unique!  Most of my children (3 out of the 4) are with their Dad today.  When I saw it was American Family Day I was a little sad, I couldn't celebrate Family Day when I was missing so many members of my family.

I started thinking about unique ways I could Celebrate Family Day!  Here is what I have personally decided to do to Celebrate American Family Day!

Today I am going to make calls to my Grandparents and just talk!  Not very often do I get to talk on the phone to my Grandparents, with out kids in the background needing my attention (or my Grandparents only wanting to talk to my cute kids.) So today I have a great excuse to call them up and just talk!  I would encourage each of you to call, skype, or write a relative you haven't spoken with in awhile and rekindle that special relationship.  Family is so important!

Also working on Family History would be a great way to honor Family Day!  Sit down with your family and talk about your heritage.  Do your children (or even do you) know where your Family came from?  Are they Native to the country you live in or did they (or maybe yourself) make the journey to a new land?  These are things that are so much fun to talk about!  I have also found when we talk about our Heritage and Ancestry with our children it gives them a sense of Pride a sense of knowing who they are and where they want to go!

Today is Sister Day and I have been blessed to have 3 AMAZING Sisters and 4 AMAZING Sister in-laws! Today I am going to write them each a thank you note (some via email) letting them know my appreciation for them and all they do for me!  Do you have a Sister (or maybe a dear friend or neighbor you consider family) what a great excuse to show them you care!  Write a note to a "Sister" you love and appreciate today!

Tonight when my kids arrive home from a weekend away, I will welcome them in with big hugs and kisses. That will be the cherry on the cake and a perfect way to end my National Family Day Celebration!


  1. Your posts are the best. Do you have a yummy raspberry pie recipe that I could make for a celebration????

  2. Mary, send me your email and I will send you my recipe!