Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Celebrate August 3

August 3rd,  a day full of so many excuses to Celebrate.  Here are my list of excuses....

  • Airplane Crop Duster Day
  • American Canoe Association Birthday 1880
  • National Watermelon Day
  • Air Traffic Controllers Day
  • National Baseball Association Formed 1949 
  • Prairie Dawn's Birthday (Sesame Street)
  • National Park Day
  • International Forgiveness Day
  • National Waffle Day
  • National Night Out (7pm-10pm, First Tuesday in August)
  • Independence Day (Niger)
  • Martyrs Day (Guinea)
Another fun filled day of celebrations!  National Watermelon Day (oh so delicious), National Waffle Day (My kids favorite breakfast), Its Prairie Dawn's Birthday, and National Park Day (We are very lucky and live close to a few National Parks.

Today at my house we will be doing something simple yet special and very memorable.  

Today the kids and I are going to walk to the grocery store and pick out a watermelon.  This may seem weird but, teaching kids how to pick out a ripe watermelon can be a lot of fun!  Watching them place their ears and tap lightly on the watermelon.  Then seeing how excited they get when they feel like they have finally picked the ripest watermelon.  I was lucky enough to have a stellar produce manager stop by while my kids were tapping on the watermelons and he actually grabbed the watermelon my oldest son picked out and said "lets see if you chose a good one" and cut a triangle out of it and handed it over to my son.  He took a big bite and his face lite up.  It was the perfect watermelon!  This was such a simple activity but, one that created so many memories for my little family.

Next, Its National Park Day and there is nothing I love more (other than my family) than the Mountains!  I have been lucky enough to have been raised in the backyard of some amazing Mountains!  I have often biked, run, and hiked throughout our National Parks.  I would encourage you today to make a trip to your closest National Park.  If you don't live near one, use the internet and look up pictures and information about some of the Nations majestic National Parks!  (My kids love looking at pictures of the Redwoods)

National Waffle Day!  How fun is this, we love waffles!  Especially Buttermilk Waffles!  Today we will be having Waffles for dinner in honor of National Waffle Day!  Here is my favorite Waffle Recipe!  These are the waffles I grew up on.  I have tried different recipes but, I always come back to these!  You can't perfect, perfection and thats what these waffles are.

Mom's Waffles 
2 C. Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Soda
2 Eggs
2 C. Buttermilk
4 Tbl Oil

Combine all ingredients and mix until batter is thick and lumpy.  Place in Hot Waffle Iron and bake until golden brown! 

Celebrating is so much fun!  Keep it simple and don't stress out!  Its the simple things that in the end mean the most!

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  1. You put the smile in my day! Thanks for sharing your love for life.